Greensky Bluegrass

00:00 April 27, 2014

 Crossing landscapes, skylines, and all the spaces in between GreenSky BlueGrass has been gracing audiences since the year 2000 when it was only a three-piece group. Today the dynamic band has five members who love to play, write, and create a sound that is truly their own. The group from Michigan emanates a unique flavor with their songs as well as their knack for expanding into the unknown that breaks the soundscape when enhanced by their blend of instrumentation. Utilizing elements of bluegrass, rock, and more, GreenSky Bluegrass is revved up to be back in New Orleans, hoping to create some new memories in a city they relate to so much.

Though it is arguable that Bluegrass isn’t exactly the typical choice of music here in the crescent city, the members of GreenSky Bluegrass have always felt welcome and supported by its people. “New Orleans music is apart of everything that everybody does, even in the Bluegrass scene,” says Anders Beck of GreenSky BlueGrass. “The whole funk scene is kinda similar to the whole bluegrass scene,” the Dobro player explains. Standards are used to jam over so that people can sit in, improvise and play along with the tune as long as their bass knowledge of the music is well crafted, much like the funk scene here in New Orleans.

            However, as New Orleans is hardly describable with one genre itself, GreenSky BlueGrass is hardly describable as just a Bluegrass band. Their songs go beyond the limitations of genre and are enhanced as the group makes it into a creature of its own. “Once the song is written we sort of work as group to really try and tweak it to make it something bigger than just a song,” Beck explains of their unique sound.  Though the creativity does not stop there. “GreenSky is an improvisational beast,” Beck says much like the improvisational music in New Orleans. “I think that’s how we relate best,” he says of the city.

            The guys in GreenSky have harnessed friendships with many New Orleans musicians through events such as Jam Cruise and have had their own adventures in the crescent city that has made the city such a special place for them any and every time they come. “Last time we played in New Orleans we were at the House of Blues in the Parish Room, says Anders Beck “and freakin Allen Toussaint was there!” the Dobro player describes in excitement.  “It was towards the end of Jazz Fest and he was excited to see some Bluegrass music, which in New Orleans to have him be there at the start of the show, that’s about as New Orleans as it gets!” he tells with enthusiasm.

            This year, the guys are also playing at the big Fest and plan to soak it all in during the experience. “Its one of those festivals that’s such a long standing tradition of great music that it’s a real honor for us to be invited to play there,” says Beck of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, “It’s one of those things that everybody everywhere knows about.”

            GreenSky BlueGrass takes on a heavy touring schedule year round, playing over 100 shows a year to audiences across the nation. Their unique style and band personality enlightens crowds and overcomes the struggles of everyday life. “I think we’re making a lot of people really happy ya know,” says Anders Beck. “ If you come to our show and we can make you smile, and dance, and maybe sing a little bit, and just have a great time for three hours, then I think we’re doing something noble,” he explains of the bands hard work ethic. The bands love for music in all its forms radiates across the stage with every performance. Catching them at any show is truly a unique experience unto its own. Don’t miss this beautiful gumbo of music as the talented members of GreenSky BlueGrass come around again this year, displaying that signature sound that is truly all their own.

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