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Go Vinyl With Tipitina’s Record Club

13:00 December 01, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

Tipitina's, New Orleans's notable and beloved music venue owned by the band Galactic, is starting a new subscription service entitled the Tipitina's Record Club. This initiative was created with the intent of celebrating and appreciating the music and culture special to New Orleans and the Deep South.

"When Galatic took over ownership, it became our mission to preserve the important role Tipitina's has played in the culture of New Orleans music and the Gulf South," said Galactic's Ben Ellman. "We're presenting this to everyone on a limited edition piece of art in the form of vinyl. This will make the product and the music something special—just like Tipitina's."

The Record Club will send subscribers unheard rarities, reissues, and new recordings on 180G custom-colored vinyl. Subscriptions are offered on a bi-monthly and an annual basis and also have free shipping to the contiguous United States.

"We know there is a deep well of musical history associated with the club and thought that this Record Club would be a great way to share part of this history with everyone. And what's more fitting than for it to be on vinyl?" said Galactic's Robert Mercurio. "We have been digging deep into our chest of treasures and have some great performances and super-rare reissues planned."

The club will officially start in February 2021 with Fess at Home '73 by New Orleanian pianist and blues musician Professor Longhair. Future releases for the Record Club include The Radiators' Kung Pow!! Live at Tipitina's from 1997, James Booker's Live at Tipitina's, and a special 25th-anniversary edition of Galactic's 1996 debut album Coolin' Off.

Galactic purchased Tipitina's in 2018 and promised to continue Tipitina's traditions while also finding ways to actively honor the rich and abundant music history of the South. Tipitina's Record Club is hunting through a vast number of records to find the gems hidden deep within the records from music's past. Subscribe to learn about the less-heard musical history of New Orleans music.

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