Courtesy of Kenny Lasa

Giraffage at the Hi-Ho Lounge

15:30 January 27, 2015
By: Jason Wood

Opening the show with his unreleased remix of the 1986 R&B hit, "Love You Down" by Ready For The World, Charlie Yin immersed the Hi-Ho lounge Friday night with his signature Giraffage sound. With an energized sold-out crowd, Giraffage delivered some fan favorite classics along with some smooth new remixes, all scattered amongst the reason for the tour: his "sample-free" tracks from his most recently released No Reason EP.

It could have been the joyful beeps, bloops and dings he tapped using his midi pads, or perhaps the playful nature of the dancing dolphins and cute kittens projected on his face and the screen behind him, but Giraffage certainly kept an uplifting, light-hearted aura flowing through the cozy venue. Yin was not one to interrupt his music by talking to the audience, and for most of the show he rarely looked up from his equipment. This minimalistic showmanship mirrored his production style and allowed his fans to simply enjoy the music they've grown so fond of.

At the end of the night, Yin appeased the chanting crowd with an encore that amusingly paid homage to the original EDM anthem that everyone knows oh-so-well: Darude's "Sandstorm"...with a Giraffage spin, of course.

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