Georgi Petrov Quartet

00:00 March 24, 2014

 Georgi Petrov Quartet’s Lost Originals, which was recorded in the University of New Orleans Studios, is the first time that Petrov has been recorded as a band leader. Petrov shines in his new role, composing five of the seven tracks on the album, and leading a talented and versatile group of musicians. With Doc Sharp on piano and Rhodes, Trey Boudreaux on the bass, and Sam Wiseman on the drums, Petrov has some strong musicians at his disposal. The band’s fluidity and strengths show in Petrov’s decision to be band leader, but not to lead every song, as is the case with the title track that opens the album. In “Lost Originals” Petrov plays the calming background to Doc Sharp, who leads the track on the keys. Of course, Petrov also flexes his muscles as the lead guitarist, showing off his versatility, dexterity, and strength as a sophisticated player. In tracks such as “Elephant Song,” and “Buddha Says,” Petrov shines as the lead player, being perfectly backed up by the band he obviously trusts. Both Wiseman and Boudreaux also write an original track each on the album, and everyone gets their moment in the sun. The last two tracks venture to a different style than the album begins with, with the track “Like Lennie” being the most up-tempo track on the album. The album ends with the track “Walking Lullaby,” written by Trey Boudreaux, which is a powerful track that lasts nearly 12 minutes long. It shows the versatility of the group, as the songs bounces up and down with its tempos, and even features Petrov playing whole chords with an almost rock-like effect. In the end, these are four musicians, who led by Petrov, created a jazz album that features their unique and strong improvisational abilities. Here’s to seeing more from Petrov (and this quartet) soon.  

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