Galactic at Tipitina's

16:30 November 06, 2015

Halloween 2015 in New Orleans will no doubt go dawn as one of the soggiest on record.  Who knew as they creeped out of the sloshy mess on the City Park grounds Saturday night that Sunday would be cancelled?  I for one wasn’t surprised, but at the time my only thought was getting out and making my way to Tipitina’s for one of the city’s finest Halloween traditions of late, Galactic’s Halloween Bash. 

Chrissy Gross, Galactic’s tour manager did double duty this time around.  As per her usual duties of managing the band, she also got them all dressed up in Star Wars garb, her own creations and placed them in a on stage among some awesome set pieces.  The Star Wars theme played all though the night as the band covered “Cantina Song” and “The Imperial March.”  Throughout the set various Star Wars audio clips were used to carry the band into their next song.  As is the case with most Galactic show, the band had a few guests show up and play with them.  They included, Corey Glover of Living Color fame, as well as Erica Falls and Corey Henry.  Glover proved his chops on several songs, including an amazing cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmiri” and an outstanding cover of Living Color’s “Cult of Personality,” a standard when he played with them on a regular basis.  The evening may have been soggy, but the sold out Tipitina’s crowd, all decked out in the Halloween bests, didn’t even seem to care.   

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