Gal Holiday and the Hill Country Hounds

15:00 August 20, 2015

Saturday night’s show at Tipitina’s was an experiment of sorts for the Uptown venue.  Headliner Gal Holiday and the Honky Tonk Revue and opener Hill Country Hounds aren’t strangers to the venue by any means, but their music really does command a particular audience.  That being said, the intimate audience took every moment in and were grateful for the experience. 

Hill Country Hounds started off the evening.  Their brand of Country /Americana is infused with tidbits of Tejano rhythms.  Their lyrics go beyond the standard county fair and have an edgy wit to them.  As a bonus, the band treated the venue to free red beans and rice.  Beans aside, one could not help but notice how the band interacted with each other on stage.  Tips new lights and smoke added a little something to an already fun and engaging set.

Gal Holiday is more than Vanessa Niemann alter ego; it’s a lifestyle and the true embodiment of New Orleans.  The band has managed to reinvent and give a grand resurgence to the swamp pop movement of the '50s and early '60s. Holiday front and center commands the stage with an ease of a seasoned veteran.  That may be in the most part because she has played over 1,000 shows.   Niemann’s live band included Afghan Whigs guitarist David Rosser.  His take of the swamp pop genre is spot on.  David Brouillette’s stand-up bass was nestled between Doug Garrison’s drums and Greg Good’s acoustic guitar and served as a cornerstone of sorts for the set. Last year’s fan-sourced Last to Leave played heavy in the set, as well as some masterful covers.  The great thing about her covers for me is the fact they aren’t your blatant obvious covers.  If one didn’t know any better and Niemann hadn’t said so, you’d thought they were originals.  The evening like the Hill County Hounds set was highlighted by a fun and festive light show.  You can see more pictures here:

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