Freret Beer Room Offers Upscale Suds & Grub

09:34 November 30, 2016
By: Anthony O'Donnell

While pairing fine wines with high class cuisine is regarded as an art in and of itself, beer often goes overlooked as a compliment to a good meal. "Pub food," as it's often called, is usually simplistic, unhealthy, and cliché. Sure, a burger or some wings might adequately accompany a cold brew. But what about those of us who appreciate beer as well as fine dining, and would like to enjoy elegant cuisine alongside a frosty brew, specifically chosen to taste great when washing down a bite of carefully crafted food?

In steps Freret Beer Room. The restaurant/bar, which opens Nov. 30, is focused on providing a menu of culinary classics (and innovations) that go well with one or more of their large selection of craft beers. They offer dishes that stray from the typical greasy bar menu (nachos, fries, etc) in order to appeal to the more refined palate if the modern beer enthusiast.

The dishes the restaurant offers range from small plates, like the Prince Edward Island oysters, paired with fennel and tomato aioli, to larger options like a crispy chicken confit, and sandwiches like the grilled gulf shrimp, which comes dressed in classic New Orleans fashion. All of these dishes are designed with a beer pairing in mind, and their extensive beer list offers countless opportunities for flavorful meal/drink combos. To list but a few: the NOLA Irish Channel Stout, the New Belgium Accumulation IPA, and the Bell's Best Brown are all perfect companions for their unique cuisine.

The food menu, carefully curated by Chef Charles Vincent, will debut on Wednesday, Nov. 30. Visitors will get a glimpse of the restaurant's menu before its beer menu is rolled out soon after, and will receive a gift for stopping by. Freret Beer Room is located at 5018 Freret St. Reservations are available now.

Freret Beer Room Offers Upscale Suds & Grub

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