[Image Provided by Jordan Selesnick]

Freezy Street is Rollin’ Up on St. Claude

11:50 July 20, 2017
By: Jordan Selesnick

There's a new crew rolling up something phat on St. Claude, and I'm not talking about burritos. No, I'm talking about an ice cold mixture of cream and sugar, frozen into a flat sheet and rolled up like a cigarette. Instead of tobacco and nicotine though, these are filled with whatever delectable mix-in you desire.

Freezy Street is Rollin' Up on St. Claude
[Image Provided by Jordan Selesnick]

Inspired by Thai street vendors, Freezy Street owners Adam Enterkin and Frances LaMagna have brought this new trend to the Big Easy. They keep the Thai heart true with their style.

How is it made? The process is simple. The chef pours a mixture of sugar and cream onto a flat, chilled stone surface. They then proceed to put in your favorite mix-in, be it Speculoos, Oreo, caramel, or more, and crush it up into the cream. The surface quickly freezes the mixture until it resembles a flat disk. They divide them into smaller disks, roll them up, pop 'em in your cup, and voila! You have your rolled ice cream.

Check it out for yourself at Freezy Street, open seven days a week at 2633 St. Claude Ave.

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