Flying Past 140-Characters

17:30 January 07, 2016

Twitter, Facebook's less-loquacious also-ran, is increasing its chirping in an effort to elevate its standing in the ever-growing social platorm popularity contest. The network, famous for its 140-character brevity, plans to allow users to spend more time on their self-important soap boxes in 2016...10,000 characters longer to be exact.

Tech-reporter Re/ states the change will happen sometime toward the end of the first quarter of 2016. Tweets as we know them will still look the same – the 10,000 character expansion will be made available via a prompt incorporated into the end of a poster's standard 140-character announcement. For Twitter, the feature will keep users logged into their site for longer without redirecting them via a link to another website, thus increasing revenue.

Twitter introduced several new applications in 2015 to combat stagnant growth and declining user retention such as its "Moments" summary page, as well as the ability to create polls within a tweet. The inclusion of new features has not always been a success for the company: allowing users to embed large images with their messages actually reduced engagement, suggests the Re/Code article.

Will you have more to say on Twitter once this takes effect? Let us know your thoughts.

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