Courtesy of Flow Tribe

Flow Tribe

14:14 September 22, 2014
By: Leith Tigges

Flow Tribe
Alligator White

New Orleans’ based band Flow Tribe is best described as groovy. Each song on their latest album, Alligator White, is the kind of track that’s set for repeat and designed for head bobbing. Self-described as “backbone cracking music,” Flow Tribe is a group of six talented singers and musicians who offer an impressive mix of sounds to create popular music for fans everywhere. These tracks are seriously funky and absolutely perfect for those easy-listening days – definitely the kind of band that’s ideal for New Orleans.
Like so many other bands hailing from the Big Easy, Flow Tribe crafts genius tracks with an eclectic blend of funk, rock and reggae to produce tunes like “Gimme a Line,” the album opener that kicks off the CD with a soulful sound that is still stuck in my head and likely will be for awhile (and that’s a really good thing.) “Back and Forth” offers a smoother mix for a mellow-sounding (yet still funky) track with rapper Kangol Slim lending his voice. “Ooh Yeah” features a Latin-based background to shake up the tracks. It’s this variety of sounds that has made the Louisiana band so established with fans going way past the Louisiana state line. 
Flow Tribe recently debuted their latest tracks to the faithful New Orleans crowd at popular bar and music venue Tipitina’s. The funk was born in NOLA and still holds a loyal following. It’s clear that no matter the track that’s being played, if you’re listening to it than you’re also probably dancing.

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