Flite Boy- Flite Boy

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Greg Roques
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[Courtesy of Stone Ground Productions]

Flite Boy

Flite Boy

Remember when T-Pain and Andy Samberg proclaimed "I'm on a Boat?" Well, local rapper Flite Boy is on a plane—a point he makes unquestionably clear on his promo EP, the theme of which—from the lyrics to the song titles to the album artwork—boasts the joys of owning one's own commercial airliner.

While lacking the fluid narrative of a "concept" album, Flite Boy's rhymes primarily orbit around the afformentioned aerial plot device. The EP's subject matter is comprised of a series of fragmented fantasies tapped straight from Flite Boy's ID, with reocurring themes of decadent first class service and the MC casting himself as a Mile High Club Caligula. Suspending disbelief is suggested to fully enjoy your in-flight experience—I'm still impressed Flite Boy can toast champagne, get "brained," and manage to navigate the plane. Lyrical delusions of grandeur aside, what makes this album work is the first rate production. The EP features complex, multitextured rythms ranging from swooning electro-R&B to club-banging beats, far more interesting than anything popular in most modern commercial hip-hop. Flite Boy 's delivery is quick-witted and most often seemingly tongue-in-cheek, welcoming you into his airborne daydream. If you're looking for something fun to bump real loud, you'll want to board this flight.

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