Fleur de Liciouz Makes Grand Opening

00:00 December 25, 2016
By: Emil Flemmon

All it takes is the first step.” ~ Anyatta Carter

What happens when a night in with your daughter and her friends, making treats to satisfy them manifests into a business — ask Anyatta Carter!

On Friday Dec. 23, Ms. Carter unveiled the grand opening of Fleur de Liciouz. The small based company came out swinging in professionalism, a hard working team and a variety of edibles that are not overly saturated, but can be enjoyed by kids and adults.

What made Carter come off humble, personable and relatable wasn’t her success story captured in the present, but her ability to openly communicate how an idea snowballed into something that maybe even she didn’t quite imagine. She was confident, articulate and delegated with respect. 

The variety of her treats included white chocolate covered apples, designed Oreo cookies, colored popcorn white chocolate pretzels, and more. Each sample was decorated to fit the theme of Christmas and was well done to a simple perfection.

We interviewed the business owner who displayed nerves of excitement and the interest in her presentation being the best. Accompanied by her inviting staff, a Christmas theme and a cozy location, here’s what the bell of the hour told us:

On the conception of Fleur de Liciouz:

It was kind of crazy. My daughter had a sleepover with about fifteen girls over. So parent mode kicked in, and I’m just thinking I don’t want to have a typical bag of candy. So I looked around the house and found some chocolate and apples and I’m thinking about how nutritious it would be and not having the kids so hype. I posted it and already had a platform on social media so someone wanted some and I was like, cool, I can do that. I made some for her and then it started to trickle. At that time, I was jack of all trades, but I knew I wanted to settle on something so I just went for it.

On adding more variety outside of apples:

Apples were the start, but people started asking for more. I didn’t want to have to refer people to other places so I was like let me add more [outside of apples]. That was the motivation to make sure we included so much more especially with operating a growing business.

On taking into consideration future customers with specific health requests and needs:

We’ve already deliberated on how to incorporate those types of treats in our market. We want to make sure every age group is catered to for all of those needs. Right now, our target is for younger kids. We know what will be needed for the business and as of now, we are just in the early stages of that expansion but it’s coming.

On getting a store as the next level from a home business:

For one, the volume of business became overwhelming and thought of people just coming to my house did create some safety concerns for me. Also, I really wanted a separation between business and home. You know, I’m a mother so when I go home, I wanted to cut off business hours and be a parent. When the business starts taking over at home, it’s time to move to a bigger space and I wanted people to take me seriously.

On advice to jumpstart dreams into a business:

My tips would be just to take the first step. A lot of people that I talk to and have a business conversation with, everybody is always afraid of failure. I just suggest taking the first step because it’ll motivate you to take another. When you start walking, you’re going to want to do so much more. When I started my journey, I never looked back. All it takes is the first step.

The Fleur de Liciouz company isn’t just stopping right here. Carter has plans for the company’s expansion with more locations in New Orleans and the belief for nationwide and internationally.

Another service the company offers is catering to birthdays, business and private parties all catering to any theme requested. For more information regarding store hours, business inquiries and more, contact the gourmet specialty store at (504).419.9922. Also, follow Fleur de Liciouz on Instagram @fleurdeliciouzapples


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