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Five Places to Get Fun and Festive Masks in New Orleans

17:00 September 29, 2020
By: Brittney Forbes

The CDC says that wearing face masks is one of the best ways to slow the spread of the coronavirus. So, with face-mask mandates still in effect for Louisiana, why not try to look good wearing one? You can choose to be stylish or colorful, or you can show off your interests or your NOLA pride. There are masks for every interest, masks in every pattern, and masks for every look. If you have to wear one, you might as well make the best of it and try to let your face have some fun. Here are five local places to get masks that will make you smile. And even if no one can see that you're smiling, they'll still be checking out your fashionable mask.

Fleurty Girl

Selling different New Orleans décor, clothes, and more, Fleurty Girl is now offering face masks of all shapes and sizes. Show off your love for the Big Easy with their "Girl, Please. I'm from NOLA" mask, retailing at $14.95. If you're not interested in having NOLA written on your mask, you can also choose from the dell, da parish, the Westbank. They also have a variety of other colors and motifs, from fleurs de lys to pizza. Multiple Locations,

Schnell Studio Art

This quaint retail store has all of your favorite New Orleans graphic tees, hats, and yes, face masks. Schnell Studio Art is a female-owned boutique that offers six black and white graphic face masks, perfect to go with any outfit. Choose a mask with Voodoo theme—which might help make people want to stay at least six feet away from you—with their Voodoo priestess face mask. For $20, this reusable mask has over-the-ear elastic straps to fit your face perfectly. 3318 Magazine St., (504) 895-0444,

Fringe + Co.

A made-in-New Orleans brand, Fringe + Co. screams bright and fun with their headwraps, sequin t-shirts, scrunchies, and sweatshirts, and their face masks are no different. They offer a gold sequin pizazz mask for $28, which will be sure to make everyone know that you bleed Black and Gold—or maybe Purple and Gold. For every mask sold, one will be donated to a medical professional, and 20 percent of the proceeds go toward a service industry fund for those who have been laid off. What's not to love? (651) 795-1325,

Home Malone

Offering "local lagniappe," Home Malone sells a wide range of home décor with some Louisiana flair. Selling over a dozen different face mask designs, they offer some with Louisiana symbols, including oysters, cocktails, and the Saints. If you love the magnolia trees growing all over the state, try wearing them on your very own face mask. Retailing at $13, their magnolia face mask is made with 100 percent cotton and has a filter pocket. Multiple Locations,

Reunion Shoe Co.

This brand's initiative is to employ those who are getting out of homelessness, and although it is technically a shoe company, Reunion Shoe Co. is also offering face masks to help everyone stay safe during the pandemic. The Reunion face mask is a white mask decked out with the words "Reunion Shoe Co.," but with the word shoe crossed out and replaced with the word mask. This mask is created with water-based inks on a 100 percent cotton mask. 2031 Desire St.,

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