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Five Fun Ways to Get Fit

11:00 September 09, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

Many people tend to groan when someone says, "Hey, let's go work out!" The secret to getting fit is to trick yourself into becoming more and more active—find miniscule and fun ways to add movement to your schedule, and you'll start to get in shape quickly. Here are five ways to be active and get in some exercise, without even realize you're doing it.

Take the Dog for a Walk

Even something as simple as taking your dog for a daily walk around the neighborhood can increase your fitness. What's great about this is its versatility; you decide when, how long, and where. Aside from enjoying spending extra time with your furry friend, you also get to experience the beautiful scenery in New Orleans and be outside. Taking your dog for a walk is an easy and enjoyable way to get into shape.

Follow Workout Challenges on YouTube

There are endless workout challenges and routines on YouTube for a variety of goals. For example, Chloe Ting, a popular blogger who offers free workout programs, often posts two-week challenges aimed at different objectives. She has a routine for slim thighs, for an hourglass figure, for a flat stomach, and so on. These videos are helpful because you can watch and follow them at any point in your day. Click here to view the schedule for Chloe Ting's "Get Fit Challenge," which consists of 21 days with 20 to 50 minutes each day.

Go Ride a Bike

Grab the dusty and rusty bicycle from your garage or shed and take it for a spin! Classic New Orleans heat can make people dread being outside, so find a way to make it fun. Motivate yourself to bike around the neighborhood or in Audubon Park by gathering a like-minded and dedicated group of close friends. Not only does this include exercising, but also socializing. Socializing while riding a bike in NOLA's heat can take your mind off of the high temperatures and humid air. Working out with a close group of friends is generally helpful because there are people to hold you accountable for workout sessions.

Play Wii

Wii Sports requires full-body movement, which, if intense enough, will definitely yield sweat. Similarly to bicycling, this can easily be a socializing activity as well. Play Wii Sports with your family and friends, and actually try to win—it is a competition, after all. This form of exercise will enable you to simultaneously share laughs with your loved ones and get in a workout, all while being distracted by the rules and score of the game.

Walk and Talk

A popular argument about why people don't work out more is because their schedule does not permit them to or they simply don't have enough time. A quick solution to this is multitasking! Even a slow-paced walk is better than sitting in a comfortable desk chair for hours on end. Back-to-back meetings all day are a reality for a lot of people, but there is still a way around this. Go on a walk through your neighborhood or even around your house during phone calls. Sneaking in this mini-workout on the daily will increase your fitness.

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