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Fishing or Phishing: Getting Caught By the Big One For A Spouse

09:48 July 31, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas
“I told you we should've left earlier … we're gonna miss Tammy and the fishing expedition! - an exasperated Tracy yelled out ...

“Well, go ahead and cancel your reservation if you want to … I'm just gonna keep us driving on to join them near Gulf Shores,” Jerome, PT, a co-worker and friend of mine replied recently …

“Hello, this is Tracy … I'm sorry but I am going to have to cancel my spot on the fishing trip with Tammy … my husband just got us lost, and I won't be in any condition to try fishing after all this rushing!”

“Yes, Ma'am, that's okay … thanks for letting us know,” replied the offshore fishing service attendant.

“Do you know where you are going??? … I guess we'll get there on time … I really want to catch a big one ...” noted Tracy with elevated anxiety to Jerome.

“Hello, … this is Tracy … can I still come on the fishing trip??? I've changed my mind since I'm gonna prove to Jerome that I will catch a much bigger fish than he can!”

“Yes, Ma'am … you can still have dat spot!”

“Oh, thanks so much … I think we're almost there,” Tracy lamented ...

Fast forward to the fishing on the boat in the Gulf of Mexico, as everyone had caught some decent sized Redfish and Speckled Trout, including Jerome and Tracy … and one other dude in the fishing party was bragging and grandstanding about catching da biggest fish of all …

And the fishing group was just about up to the limit for legal catches allowed, so they were all anxiously attempting to catch one more … and one much longer than 16 inches!

“I need a break … and to take care of business after guzzling down those few brews which have calmed me down and helped me to celebrate the fish that I've caught much bigger than yours … here, Jerome, since your pole is not catching much, hold mine while I also get another Andygator beer … I'm gonna catch one much bigger than dat bragging fella!”

“WHOA … this baby is about to break my line!” - yelled Jerome, as his pole nearly bent 180 degrees and nearly snapped!”

“Too bad Tracy's not here to see this,” Jerome thought as he struggled to manage keeping what appeared to be a giant fish on her line – and others on board pitched in to help!”

Just as Jerome was pulling in da gigantic beautiful Redfish, some others from da group excitedly yelled to Tracy, “Ya gotta come see da big whopper that Jerome just caught!!!”

“Jerome just caught it!?! … you mean what I just caught … that's my line … he was just pitching in for me!!!”

Tracy quickly “fish-tailed it” from the lower deck of the boat to Jerome with an Andygator in her hand and quickly made a toast to herself and others – and especially to the braggart who had earlier thought he had caught da biggest fish on the trip: 

“Here's a toast to my catching da biggest fish today

Jerome could not have done it in any other way

We'll greatly devour and enjoy dis Redfish

After Jerome makes it into a truly goumet dish
Unless we taxidermy it for the "Where Y'at" column next Sunday!
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