FilmORama 6

17:30 May 13, 2015
By: David Vicari

The 6th annual filmOrama movie festival takes place from Friday, May 29th to Thursday, June 4th, 2015 at the Prytania Theatre (5339 Prytania St.,70115). Presented by the New Orleans Film Society and Prytania Theater, filmOrama is an exciting showcase for contemporary and classic cinema.

This years crop of films include: 

Grey Gardens (1975) – A newly restored version of the documentary centering on the eccentric aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis living in a deteriorating mansion in East Hampton.

Kumiko the Treasure Hunter (2014) – Academy Award® nominee Rinko Kikuchi stars in this dark comedy as a lowly office worker who comes across a VHS tape of the movie Fargo and mistakes it for a documentary and thinking there is a suitcase of money buried in snowy North Dakota.

Manglehorn (2014) – In David Gordon Green's offbeat drama, Al Pacino plays a reclusive small town locksmith who has never gotten over losing the love of his life. He feels closer to his beloved cat than to people.

The Tribe (2014) – A cast of deaf, non-professional actors populate this crime drama about the students at a Ukrainian boarding school for the deaf. The drama of this Grand Prix winner at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival unfolds through non-verbal acting and sign language.

White God (2014) – While searching for his child owner, an abandoned dog joins a canine revolt against humanity.

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