Film Review: The Perfect Match

18:11 March 25, 2016

Why The Perfect Match is the “Perfect” Lesson

“Lust is easy, Charlie, love is complicated.” --Eva

Through a cliché visual, director Billie Woodruff’s The Perfect Match is more than just a film about finding love—it’ s about learning a lesson.

The film tells the life of Charlie ‘Mac’ Macintyre, who has the presumably great life of a 29-year-old. Charlie works for an ad agency making good money, has a beautiful home and great friends, but is missing the element of how to feel when it comes to love.

On the verge of turning 30, his two male friends (Ricky and Victor) encourage him to engage in a friendly bet. The goal is to minimize male promiscuity, often linked with bachelorhood and those who care nothing for relationships, in exchange for consistency with one woman only.  

…and in walks Eva.

Eva, a beautiful and confident woman, becomes Charlie’s love interest in the film. After having open dialogue about what they both expect from each other throughout the duration of their relationship, the two embark on a casual affair. Unlike some who participate in casual flings with little to no conversation about personal matters, Eva manages to find Charlie’s passion, which in turns motivates him to slowly become a better person.

At the height of Charlie’s interest to go further into the depths and complexities of what love may mean for him, he discovers Eva has a secret of her own.  He also finally understands the disappointment he’s inflicted on others from his past casual pursuits.

While the ending takes a great departure from the “hero gets the girl,” or in this case, the “player wins the girl,” The Perfect Match speaks incredibly well to men who care more about their careers and the freedom of bachelorhood. The film can resonate to the man who may struggle internally to enjoy love due to his own issues, such as things he suppresses and makes no effort to face nor overcome.

The Perfect Match isn’t really about finding “perfect” love, but instead, viewers can walk away knowing what it’s like to have someone bring out the fire in their dreams. It re-introduces us to why the “bad girl” or “bad boy” isn’t about forbidden love, but rather why that person stirs the pot when love seems to be detached from his or her heart.

The acting is decent, and features the likes of VH1 star Rob Riley of “Hit the Floor”; Paula Patton, Lauren London, Donald Faison, and more. Terrance J delivers a solid performance in his first lead role on the big screen.

The Perfect Match comes out nationwide on March 11, and makes for an enjoyable date movie.

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