Image by Reiner Bajo, Courtesy of Lionsgate

Film Review: Moonfall

13:00 February 10, 2022
By: Fritz Esker

Director Roland Emmerich rose to stardom with 1996's box office champ Independence Day, a story of an alien invasion of Earth. Emmerich has kept returning to the disaster-porn well for years, and his latest effort, Moonfall, is a disaster in and of itself.

A nerdy outcast (John Bradley) determines the moon is out of orbit. He enlists the aid of a disgraced astronaut (Patrick Wilson) in convincing NASA to take action. Eventually, Wilson, Bradley, and Wilson's former colleague (Halle Berry) must take the lead in saving the world. There are environmental disasters brought upon because of the moon's change in orbit, plus mysterious lifeforms on the moon that seem to be causing the change.

The biggest problem here is the script (co-written by Emmerich with Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen). Even by the standards of an Emmerich film, no plot element here holds up to even the mildest scrutiny. It's ridiculous, but in a very wooden way. It's not imaginative ridiculous. It's just dull. The dialogue is bad, the plot screeches to a halt at one point for a massive exposition dump, and there's a pointless and stupid subplot involving bandits. A halfhearted attempt at comic relief is lifted directly from The Lost World (not a great film, but a classic in comparison to this). The action scenes are lifeless, ho-hum man vs. CGI stuff.

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