Image by Barry Wetcher/Universal Pictures

Film Review: Marry Me

13:00 February 18, 2022
By: Fritz Esker

An ordinary math teacher and divorced dad (Owen Wilson) ends up married to a pop superstar (Jennifer Lopez) after she impulsively proposes to him after her pop singer fiancée is publicly exposed as a philanderer in the new romantic comedy Marry Me.

Both the teacher and the pop star realize the absurdity of the situation, but decide to remain married to each other for at least a few weeks to avoid further embarrassment. However, the two gradually develop feelings for each other.

The film owes an obvious debt to 1999's Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts rom-com Notting Hill. Marry Me is not on that level. The supporting characters are not as fun. And even though no one really doubts the outcome of most romantic comedies, the writers need to make the audience at least feel like the main characters might not get together at the end. But Marry Me never manages that, so it starts to lose momentum after an hour or so.

But that said, Wilson and Lopez are both appealing and likable performers, so Marry Me ends up being the kind of movie that doesn't fully work, but is still a pleasant watch. Many rom-com fans will likely enjoy it.

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