Feel like Royalty at Maison de la Luz

13:30 June 04, 2019
By: Cameron Minnard

You can find a hotel on nearly every block of New Orleans' Central Business District. From the age-old Roosevelt Hotel to the modern Holiday Inn Express that shines different colors every night. You could make a good argument that there are more hotels downtown than there are convenience stores, and you would be right. Despite this, Atelier Ace, the owners of the Ace Hotel on Carondelet St., have opened a new, ambitious hotel right next door.

The Maison de la Luz is more of a luxury guest house than a hotel. Occupying a small six-story building, the Maison de la Luz holds 67 guest rooms of various sizes, from one-bedroom suites to king bedrooms. It dwarfs in comparison to the 234-room Ace Hotel but that was purposeful in design. Despite its minimalist exterior, the Maison de la Luz has a grandeur interior. With velvet chairs and golden crystal chandeliers, it's like you've stepped into a new world. And with rooms starting at $389 per night, you'd certainly hope so.

With the Maison de la Luz being across the street from the larger Ace Hotel, the guests get full access to the Ace's pool and music venue.

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