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Faubourg Brewing Awarded a Gold Medal for Exceptional Craft Beer

12:00 September 22, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

A New Orleans-based brewery wins gold medal for exceptional beer? We'll drink to that!

The 2021 U.S. Open Beer Championship awarded Faubourg Brewing Co. a gold medal for their exceptional craft beer. On September 6, gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded at the U.S. Open Event Center in Oxford, Ohio. Hundreds of breweries nationwide brought their 'A' game for a panel of judges as more than 8,000 beers were blind taste-tested.

Faubourg was the only New Orleans-based brewery to win a gold medal in the competition.

In the competitive Belgian/Witbier category, Faubourg Brewing Co.'s Golden Cypress Wheat Ale was awarded the top prize of Gold Medal. According to Faubourg's website, "Golden Cypress is a crisp, refreshing Belgian-style wheat ale named for its beautiful golden color. Crafted from lightly kilned pilsner malt combined with soft white wheat and a touch of malted oats, it's a smooth and incredibly balanced brew that shows zesty, sweet aromas, and hints of spicy coriander. Enjoy it anytime—especially at the golden hour of sunset."

"We're incredibly proud to bring home the gold for exceptional craft brewing to New Orleans," Jason Daniel, vice president of marketing at Faubourg Brewing Co., said. "The re-branding of our historic brewery to Faubourg backed by a state-of-the-art new brewery in New Orleans East and truly talented brewing teams have set the foundations for Faubourg to be able to create top quality, award-winning brews for craft lovers to enjoy across New Orleans and the region."

You should see all of the categories in the competition! Take a look here.

You can experience more of what Faubourg is brewing by visiting their brewery at 3501 Jourdan Rd.

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