Farewell to Fear- New Blood

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

Farewell to Fear

New Blood

Silent Majority Group Farewell to Fear knows the formula for a great song: edgy instruments, emotional yet intelligible singing with catchy choruses, and a vibrant sonic fl ow that really makes the music come to life. Throughout New Blood’s thirteen songs, this formula does the trick. Mike Craig sings in clean vocals with a very slight edge during the crescendos of “Start It Over”. The guitars by Bob Bearden and Mojo Lucero have a crunchy distortion, but make a great melody. The riff in “Running Out of Time” is has a bit of Southern sludge metal infl uence during the verses, and Craig really gets into singing this song. New Blood also includes a cover of Rihanna’s song “Diamonds”; Farewell to Fear’s version of the song garnered multiple spots in American pop charts, including iTunes Rock Singles, Amazon’s Hot New Rock Singles, and SiriusXM Octane’s Big-Uns Countdown. “Fire” has a cool burlesque drum beat by Jimmy Adams that is emphasized using those heavy, distorted guitars. This song is very energetic and still intense in its emotion. It also has a fantastic, scaling guitar solo. “Gone” is a more sentimental and lamentful piece about losing someone, with acoustic guitars and pretty and delicate organ sounds. Immediately following that song, “Out of Reach” takes a darker turn: Craig pushes his voice to a near-scream. He barely takes a break from singing throughout the whole song, only taking a short rest during the bridge so that a guitar can have a quick and great solo. F2F is bringing rock back.

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