Fans Start GoFundMe Page to Replace Instruments Stolen from Big Sam's Funky Nation

15:46 October 28, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

It looks like Big Sam Williams will play another day. A group of fans of the band Big Sam’s Funky Nation have started a GoFundMe page to help pay for replacement instruments that were previously stolen.


On October 13, someone broke into the band’s van after a performance in Las Vegas. This was the first stop in their West Coast Summer Tour, and the loss from the robbery totalled approximately $12,500. According to Stephen Klein, the band’s manager, property stolen from the van included “Sam's notorious long time trombone, JBlakk Henderson's bass guitar and Seizo Shibayama's guitar, amongst other personal items.”


Now, with the help of R&D Design, local fans hope to help their favorite ban during this tough time by funding new instruments. Ryan Becnel, the creative director of R&D Design, said, “We can’t replace the sentimental value, but hope to raise the money necessary to replace the stolen equipment. All money raised through the campaign will go directly to replacing the equipment lost in the break-in.” Currently, their goal is to raise enough money within two weeks to deliver new instruments to the band in November.

Big Sam’s Funky Nation is led by Big Sam Williams who was called “the top man on the slide trombone in the birthplace of jazz.” The group is an extremely popular New Orleans band, and they have delivered our culture across the country on their tours. To help Big Sam’s Funky Nation, visit to make a donation.

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