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Famous Lawyer Morris Bart Recovers from COVID-19; Pledges to Give Back

14:03 May 13, 2020
By: John Glover

Well-known personal injury lawyer Morris Bart survived a case of the coronavirus, The Times-Picayune reported yesterday. In the wake of his recovery, Morris pledged to donate blood to LSU medical researchers. A team there is working on using antibodies in the blood plasma of COVID-19 survivors to aid people still suffering from the disease.

Morris's name will be familiar to many locals because of his firm's advertising tactics, which include billboards around town. They often feature the man himself wearing a pinstripe suit and dark orange power tie, beside a slogan such as "One Call, Ya'll!"

The Times-Picayune previously reported on Morris's condition in early April. Initial symptoms ("low fever, cough, and fatigue") seemed to indicate a comparatively innocent sinus infection. When a round of antibiotics failed, Morris took a coronavirus drive-through test, which came back positive.

The lawyer's experience with the sickness was relatively forgiving. The symptoms went away following two weeks spent quarantining at home. He tested negative 21 days after receiving the diagnosis.

Morris looks forward to volunteering his now-valuable blood to scientists. He will be able to do so in the coming days, since medical regulations require that blood donors let four weeks elapse after contracting the illness.

Louisiana has suffered from one of the most prolific per-capita coronavirus rates in the country. As of this week, the disease has claimed over 2,200 victims in the state. Many people now look to the scientific community for answers. Treatments developed from survivor antibodies have helped stymie pandemics in the past.

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