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Fallen Fruit Gets Picked Up For New Orleans

16:43 November 10, 2017
By: Sierra Vandervort

In honor of New Orleans tricentennial next year, the Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University along with the Pelican Bomb Gallery and a Studio in the Woods are presenting the Fallen Fruit of New Orleans project. The fruit-themed, multi-site installations aim to "explore the way people experience public space" - all while helping to bring a little more nature to the Bayou and the 9th ward.

Featuring Los Angeles based artists David Burns and Austin Young, the Fallen Fruit Project aims to plant up to 300 fruit trees throughout New Orleans over the course of next year. The trees will be part of Fallen Fruits' digital mapping project for a much needed resource in New Orleans - fresh, accessible, healthy and sustainable food. The urban agriculture movement is responsible for planting Los Angeles' first "public fruit park" in 2013, and hopes the fruit trees will help balance some of the negative ecological shifts to hit the Bayou since Katrina.

Fallen Fruit Gets Picked Up For New Orleans
[Content provided by Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane University]

In addition to planting trees, the organization's public participatory programs aim to place emphasis on collective action with an agricultural spin. From pickle making to sno-ball portrait studios, the art collaboration hopes to promote food security and general community well-being through their interactive project.

Interested participants can donate to the project's Kickstarter campaign up until November 21 or check out more information fallenfruit.org.

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