Faithful, Brave & Honest

00:00 June 26, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

The Honorable South (THS) have been game changers since the beginning of their journey on the music scene and their latest album — Faithful Brave & Honest is living proof. The 14 track sophomore album is an astounding and as always, unpredictable piece of art. It's a representation of every sound from funk- rock reggae, to electric soul.
Personifying its title, the album is filled with faithfully rocked out records such as "Champagne," while also amazing us with lyrically honest tracks like "Love Me or Leave Me Alone," featuring the late great Soulja Slim.
What can be most said about the stand out album is that, like the band, it is Brave and exceptionally unique. Its twisted blend of genres ironically leaves it genre-less. No one-track is like the other, and as usual THS has exceeded expectations.
Faithful Brave & Honest is an emotion filled disc that speaks of love and happiness along with bitter sweet heartbreaks. It is purely poetic with lyrics that are simply enhanced by the sensational vocals of mystifying front woman Ms. Charm Taylor who seemingly always creates a psychedelic ecstasy as soon as her lips touch a microphone.
Breaking through musical boundaries like a boulder, THS continues to keep us marveled by their music which remains borderless.

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