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Expect a Particularly Beautiful Sunset Tonight

10:00 June 24, 2020
By: Sofia Gomez Alonso

According to Newsweek, large cloud of dust is moving from the Sahara Desert in Africa over the Atlantic and is expected to arrive in the United States on Wednesday. The cloud will reach some parts of the country, including southern Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. The National Weather Service predicts a few days of dusty and drier weather and red skies during sunrise and sunset.

The cloud of dust in the Sahara was formed due to atmospheric conditions that are present during this time of the year. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), states that the air layer of the Sahara Desert is an extremely dusty mass that forms during the late spring and early fall months. NOAA's satellites expect the large mass to reach the Caribbean in the upcoming days. Sunsets and sunrises can potentially become more vibrant as the rays of the sun reflect on the dust particles when the sun is low.

Apart from incredible sunsets and sunrises, the cloud of dust could also hinder the development of tropical storms by sucking the moisture from the air. Hurricanes and tropical storms rely on moisture as a component of their development. NWS New Orleans recognized that the dust cloud would be beneficial in terms of hindering tropical systems developing, but that it could be harmful for people suffering from respiratory issues.

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