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The New York Times Names New Orleans As The Best Place To Visit in 2018

17:02 January 10, 2018
By: Jeff Boudreaux

As the city of New Orleans celebrates its Tricentennial birthday, 2018 is turning out to be a special year indeed, and we’re less than two weeks in. With celebratory events stacked to the hilt to honor such a milestone for one of the most cultured cities on Earth, we can now expect a welcomed increase in tourism to go along with it. In their annual list of “52 Places to Go,” The New York Times has just ranked New Orleans as #1. The Times explains its reasoning behind this honorable distinction, “There is no city in the world like New Orleans. Influences from Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and indigenous peoples have made it into the ultimate melting pot.” We, as residents, share this distinction by being fortunate enough to live in a true city of the world. In music, food, architecture and its wonderfully-diverse population, New Orleans rivals the great cities of Rome, Paris and New York. And they didn’t even make the list. Rounding out the top five is post-war Colombia; Basilica, Italy; The Caribbean and Vierwaldstättersee, Switzerland. To read their full article and find out some places that you might want to go, click here.

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