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Lost Bayou Wins Film Grant

11:34 December 11, 2017
By: David Vicari

Lost Bayou is the recipient of the #CreateLouisiana 2017 Narrative Feature Film Grant. The feature film, selected from five finalists, will receive a $10,000 cash grant supported by Deep South Studios along with a camera rental package from ARRI Rental valued at $25,000.

Lost Bayou is the story of a struggling addict who ventures out into the Louisiana swamp to discover that her estranged faith-healer father is hiding a troubling secret. Together, as they set out on an adventure across the Atchafalaya Basin, the two must come to terms with their own sins, learn to forgive, restore the faith in each other and finally heal from their own personal tragedies. Steeped in Cajun cultural and spiritual traditions, the film's dialogue is a dynamic mix of English and Cajun French.

The movie is directed by Brian Richard, photographed by Natalie Kingston, produced by Alicia Davis Johnson, Brian Richard, Hunter Burke, Murray Roth, Kenny Reynolds and Lorraine Caffery, and stars Teri Wyble.

<em>Lost Bayou</em> Wins Film Grant
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"We are incredibly honored and humbled to partner with #CreateLouisiana and ARRI Rental to bring Lost Bayou alive. Our story is a tale of hope, healing, and home; one with a deep reverence and love for the people, traditions, and landscape of South Louisiana. With #CreateLouisiana's support and ARRI Rental's generous camera package, we can more effectively share part of our culture with the world and preserve a piece of our Cajun heritage for future generations," says producer Alicia Davis Johnson.

The #CreateLouisiana Narrative Feature Film Grant is supported by Deep South Studios and ARRI Rental. This marks the first partnership between #CreateLouisiana and ARRI Rental. The funding opportunity aims to champion homegrown filmmaking talent and celebrate the vibrant film community in Louisiana.

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