Dumpstaphunk- Dirty Word

00:00 January 29, 2014


Dirty Word

Independent Coming out with their freshest tracks, Dumpstaphunk comes at its audience in full force with their release of Dirty Word. On the record, the band touches on every infl uence that has spiraled together over their many combined years of professional playing, and includes a guest list welcoming renowned players such as Flea and Trombone Shorty to the recordings. Their signature low-down funky style resonates on songs like “Dirty Word” and “Dancin’ to the Truth,” while their raw rockin’ appeal shines through on crunchy tracks such as “If I’m In Luck”. Tunes such as “Blues Wave” blast open with a bluesy style of rhythmic playing consumed by lyrics commemorating the players’ early blues infl uences as well, churning out a foot-stomper, unlike other tunes such as “They Don’t Care,” which drifts the listener off into a soulful ballad. The carefully crafted vocals stand out more than ever through their studio work, as the band utilizes four-part harmonies and established lead lines for all four of the talented vocalists in the group, as rhythm guitarist Ian Neville holds it down. The lyrics constitute well thought-out material, many of them based on the hope of curing injustices in the world, heartache, and the power of music. However, what truly stands out on this album is the evolved sass of Dumpstaphunk supported by the latest drummer Nikki Glaspie, who makes her fi rst recorded album appearance as Dumpstaphunk’s rhythmic backbone. Dirty Word provides the style, attitude, and experience of Dumpstaphunk, plus more.

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