Dreams from Beyond

15:30 January 22, 2015
By: Aidi Kansas

Dreams from Beyond

Below is a question submitted by Michelle from New Orleans, dealing with communicating with loved ones who have passed on.

Dear Aidi,

My mom passed away in 2011 from lung cancer. I took care of her until the day she passed. It was very difficult for me when that day finally came. I'm not particularly religious, so I'm not sure what I believe. I do remember having the most vivid and amazing dreams shortly after she died, though. I would wake up feeling so much love and happiness - I just couldn't get over how real these dreams felt. Needless to say, I looked forward to our next visit together in my dreams.

Little by little, my dreams with my Mom became less and less. I hope that I can have a dream with her again - will I? And more importantly, do our departed loved ones really come to us in our dreams, or is it me making it all up in my head?

Hi Michelle,

The answer to all of your questions is YES! It's not unusual to have vivid dreams shortly after losing someone. It's really a universal phenomenon that many people have experienced.

These "Visitation Dreams" can have a healing effect, bringing immense comfort during this very difficult time for the bereaved . It's usually within the first couple of days when the departed is in the "transitory state" that most of us experience these colorful and vibrant dreams. Depending on what kind of relationship you had with a departed loved one, your dreams can be positive, reinforcing the strong bond you had with that person.

Your Mom is still very much with you, and the more you allow yourself to feel her presence the more you will feel the subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle messages that she is still "checking in" with you.

It's not unusual to have vivid dreams shortly after losing someone. It's a universal phenomenon many people experience.

I tell my clients that want to connect with a loved one that's passed to set an intention before they go to sleep every night. I'll advise holding a piece of jewelry or a memento that carries their energy and sleeping with it while they set their intention.

If for whatever reason you don't remember any of your dreams due to medication, etc., then you will have to make a connection with your Mom during your wake state.

Create a "calling card" - this is something that you and she shared together like a favorite song, movie, book, etc. - and ask to see it. This is my favorite assignment to give to my clients. It's brought much comfort and healing to people that were not able to remember their dreams.


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