Dr. Michael White Lands #5 Spot on Billboard Chart

13:47 July 18, 2018
Dr. Michael White’s Tricentennial Rag (in honor of New Orleans’s 300th birthday) has landed at number five on Billboard’s Jazz Chart. The album features original compositions by Dr. White that pay homage to the city’s rich musical history while offering innovative sounds that push jazz forward. 
In the late 1970s, upon the discovery of a recording of George Lewis, Dr. Michael White was inspired to pursue a career as a New Orleans jazz clarinetist. Since then, Dr. White has made a name for himself as both an acclaimed clarinetist and an authority on New Orleans jazz. 
Dr. Michael White Lands #5 Spot on Billboard Chart
Songs such as “On Mardi Gras Day” capture the essence of New Orleans jazz, playing on traditional sounds and the city’s culture to create a playful track that walks the listener through an ideal Mardi Gras day. As the album progresses from its first track, “Frenchmen Street Strut,” to its final song and only cover, “When the Saints Go Marching In,” it’s clear Dr. White is still having fun over three decades later and remains enchanted by his city and the culture that formed it. 
With the release of Tricentennial Rag, Dr. White continues his mission of keeping New Orleans jazz fresh and thriving and further solidifies his status as a cultural icon. 
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