Dominique LeJeune- Wake

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: 2Fik

[Courtesy of Community Records]

Dominique LeJeune


Community Records

Community Records is known as the home of former local ska stalwarts Fatter Than Albert, and is regarded as a hub for the New Orleans punk scene. But they also house a softer side. One part of their evolving roster is a singer-songwriter named Dominique LeJeune. The album's title is an appropriate one, since it alternately feels like you are sleeping and then coming out of a deep slumber throughout the songs. "In Reveries" gives the feeling of dreaming or being by a picturesque bayside. With her ethereal whispers and the hypnotic background of the guitar, it gives off Broken Social Scene vibes.

The next track "Penny Please" switches gears. It still has that indie vibe, but this time the guitar is more rustic and gentle, as she sings, "I've been waiting here for you while time's been tearing me in two". One gets a more Bob Dylan feel here with the intimate and folksy production. Soft chimes come in as LeJeune promises the end of bad luck; it's like a child's lullaby told through more mature eyes. Her voice is frail, light, yet confi dent, like something out of a fantasy tale. The beginning tracks really lure in the listener, because right away it's both comforting, but also active.

With lyrics that mostly seem to deal with reacquainting past relationships, the EP gives off a reassuring vibe of comfort. One can imagine this as the soundtrack to a small-budget movie about a couple facing diffi culties but ultimately staying together. The piece works because it balances its more organic qualities...the simple beat of a guitar or drums...with more expansive sounds (the alternate fading in and out of her voice, a keyboard here or there). Admittedly, as the work continues, some of the tracks start to bleed together and risk being relegated to mere background/driving music (though "Shoulder" picks up some energy mid-way through), but that's understandable because this is a fi rst effort. Given time, LeJeune shows promise she can grow within the neo-folk movement that seems to be all the rage in the music underground. Perfect for a rainy day, refl ection, or the auditory form of comfort music.

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