Disaronno Wears Diesel (and you should too!)

09:58 November 05, 2019
By: Caroline Glattly

This September, the world's favorite Italian liqueur company, Disaronno, partnered with iconic streetwear-meets-denim company, Diesel to establish a limited edition bottle: "Disaronno Wears Diesel". This makeover comes as no surprise, as both Italian luxury brands live on the cutting edge of social initiatives, marketing, and progressive branding techniques. This collaboration is part of the Disaronno® Icon project, in which Disaronno annually teams up with a luxury Italian designer to create an exciting new face for the liqueur we know and love. Previous collaborations have included Etro Milano, Versace and Roberto Cavalli.

This year's bottle features a sleek, marbled denim finish that evokes the edgy-yet-refinedstyle that separates Diesel from other denim labels. In addition to looking chic on your bar-cart, this bottle features the familiarly smooth notes of cherry and almond, unique to Disaronno's secret recipe that has remained unchanged since 1525. This liqueur is often enjoyed as a cordial, on the rocks, or mixed with Coca-Cola or Ginger Ale, but we recommend using Disaronno in lieu of Bailey's for an Italian take on a classic Irish Coffee - just in time for the Holiday season!

Disaronno has also partnered with the OTB (Only the Brave) Foundation to support their ethos of "Brave Actions for a Better World". Leading social initiatives on a global level, OTB Foundation focuses on the three principles of sustainability, innovation, and direct social impact.By purchasing this limited edition bottle of Disaronno, customers are supporting projects like the Sono Mobile which provides ultrasound services to women in Nairobi slums as well as Refugee Housing Units (RHU's) which provide durable and safe shelters for refugees in Niger.

Whether you want to give this bottle as a gift this holiday season or treat yourself to the indulgent flavor of Amaretto, this limited edition is widely available at your neighborhood liquor store!

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