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Sexy Dining: Aphrodisiac Entrees in New Orleans

18:00 February 10, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

To power up for your Valentine's night, or to get in the mood anytime, here's a listing of the best places in the city to fill up on aphrodisiacs.

1. Antoine's Restaurant, 713 St. Louis St. -Oysters have the highest amount of zinc per serving of any food, and you can't beat Antoine's when it comes to zinc-full oysters. The appetizer menu has many varieties of them: baked on the half shell with Rockefeller sauce, with bacon and tomato sauce, with white wine sauce and onions, pimento cheese, and peppers. Antoine's also has them fried, and zinc is not destroyed by cooking.

2. Restaurant R'evolution, 777 Bienville St. - Chef Folse and Chef Tramonto have come together to create a menu of inventive and exciting Creole-inspired dishes. Their Espresso-crusted Venison Carpaccio combines a red meat (zinc) with a caffeine-stimulant, and comes with omega-3-rich black walnuts for healthy heart function and decadent shaved dark chocolate.

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3. Euphorbia Kava Bar, 8726 Oak St. -Alcohol isn't the only (legal) intoxicant in town, and too much of it can ruin your night. Kava is a sedating, sometimes anesthetizing, drink derived from the kava root. It is mildly narcotic and is known to relax the muscles and elevate mood. Euphorbia is the perfect place for imbibers who are stressed out. They also have kava-infused desserts.

4. Root, 200 Julia St. -Under the direction of Chef Philip Lopez, Root puts a modern twist on tradition. The Tomato Bolognese and Kale Pappardelle has a few perks with heirloom tomatoes, spicy peppers that stimulate the senses, and phytoestrogen-filled fennel that causes estrogenic effects in women.

5. Mizado Cocina - 5080 Pontchartrain Blvd. - The Aztec culture believed that avocados were so vital to sexual function that they said the fruits grew on "testicle trees." Avocado is an aphrodisiac because it helps with cell growth and sperm production, and staves off depression. Mizado Cocina has multiple forms of guacamole from traditional guacamole made at your table to the inclusion of toasted pistachios, that Guacamole India made with banana, date and cashew chutney and cumin.

6. Brennan's, 417 Royal St. -Brennan's is back, and so is their world-famous Bananas Foster. Bananas have a phallic shape that can be suggestive, but also contains healthy potassium and Vitamin B. The bananas are sautéed in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon (also an aphrodisiac) and banana liqueur then set on fire in rum and served over ice cream. The fire itself can spark your desire before you enjoy this rich dessert.

7. GG's Dineorama, 3100 Magazine St. - GG's Prosciutto & Grilled Aparagus Salad is made up of organic arugula and greens chock-full of vitamins with delicious caramelized pears, candied pecans, goat cheese, walnut terragon vinaigrette and white truffle oil drizzle.

8. Le Foret, 129 Camp St. -A good glass of wine can enhance the mood as well as the body. It raises testosterone levels in women, especially richer red wines. Le Foret has a beautiful setting for a romantic meal, and their incomparable wine cellar is enclosed in a glass room near the bar. Pair your contemporary Southern-inspired, French-crafted meal with the perfect glass or two to let the passion begin.

9. Orleans Grapevine, 720 Orleans Ave. - Orleans Grapevine is located in a romantic part of the French Quarter with a beautiful view of the St. Louis Cathedral. Their Baby Spinach Salad includes multiple aphrodisiacs, including spinach, which has a good amount of folate, and pumpkin seeds, which are also high in zinc.

10. Superior Seafood, 4338 St. Charles Ave. - Seafood is high in zinc, and Superior Seafood has many ways for you to get your dose. The Grilled Salmon comes with portobella mushroom and spinach cream orzo. They also have a Grilled Salmon Salad with roasted corn, grilled veggies, and julienned jicama on greens in honey lime vinaigrette.

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