Dillinger Escape Plan Takes Over Southport Hall

12:01 November 09, 2016

These days metal to me is often dull, monotonous and it all sounds vaguely similar. Having said that, Dillinger Escape Plan has easily stood upon the top of the metal climate for years now. They may not be as big as the Mastodon’s and Lamb of God’s of recent years, but the live show in itself is one of the better shows I’ve seen in some time. Amid the flurry of never ending strobe lights, the band led, by Greg Puciato weaved in and out of their special brand of math metal, all the while the crowd thrashing about like a person tends to do at high-energy metal shows.

The crowd got more and more into it as DEP worked through a stellar 17 song set that featured tracks from their new and (they claim) final album. In a way it’s a sad thing to see them wanting to leave the project that has been so good to the band itself as well as the fans who’ve loved them for ten plus years. But as some say, it’s better to go out on top and Dillinger as a whole seem to be following that ethos.

Having said that, the ninety-minute show was full steam ahead, but also featured quite a few tracks that I didn’t expect, which is never bad. More poppy songs (and trust me I use that term very loosely) like “Black Bubblegum” set the crowd into motion, while more gradually intense songs like “One of Us is the Killer.” emerged from a stage blinked violently, much like the members of the band losing their minds as they nailed the crowd with everything they have.

This is nothing new for the band though, and while it’s sad to see their time as a unit disappearing, it’s a reminder of how brilliant this band has been since their inception. They’re touring well into next year, and if you love metal and all it’s intensity and precision, go see them if you have a chance. 

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