Dezmond Meeks- The Prince of Soul

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Greg Roques
[Courtesy of Dezmond Meeks]

Dezmond Meeks
The Prince of Soul

Thinking back on my favorite albums, the characteristic that allows these timeless gems to continue to sparkle among the heap of expired listens perpetually piling up in my iTunes library is consistency. From start to finish, the records themes, lyrics and sound share a commonness that flows from song to song, never careening as each track seamlessly sails into the next. It is the sign of a focused effort and a confident artist.

Such is the case with Dezmond Meek's The Prince of Soul. A singer and mutli-instrumentalist, Meeks has worn many hats in his short yet accomplished career, covering everything from pop to rock. A less centered effort would have crammed a series of stand-alone tracks onto his debut, each showcasing a different side of his musical personality. Though this formula would produce a song for every listener, every listener would not find the cohesiveness necessary to commit to the whole work.

The Prince of Soul concerns itself solely with Meek's musical core—classic R&B and Soul. His sound is equal parts Amy Whinehouse and Prince, sparking a dated style with a modern wit and energy. The lyrics focus on lovers longing, and longing to make things right. The EP's best are the old-school soul track "Try Me" and the Prince-esque electro-funk groove "Them and Me."
Having followed Meeks for some time, he has seriously grown and matured in all aspects of his musicianship in the past couple of years—The Prince of Soul is the proof. This is one not to be missed.

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