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Destin Among Top Ten Beach Cities to Live In

11:00 June 24, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

After spending a year in lockdown, many people in the US want a change of scenery. In 2020, the states that people moved to most included Florida, Maine, and North Carolina for their long coastlines and beautiful scenery. As a result of spending an upsetting amount of time in front of the TV and relying on an evening walk to fulfill the day, it seems that a large portion of the population wants to move to the beach! Re-watching Game of Thrones for the third time isn't as satisfying as it should be, but moving to the waterfront might be, and it's easier than you think!

Moving to the beach doesn't have to break the bank. Wallethub compared 191 cities by oceans and lakes and by considering 62 factors of livability. Some of these factors included weather, affordability, and safety. Among the top 10 were Naples, Florida, which was ranked at number one, closely followed by Laguna Beach, California, and Destin, ranked at number 9. As it is only four hours away from New Orleans, Destin is a very popular vacation spot for New Orleanians.

Within the 191 cities that were ranked, Destin offers breathtaking beaches, the most restaurants per capita, and has even been called the luckiest fishing city. The weather and activities, both land and water related, make Destin a great location for families. There is something for everyone! The laidback, relaxing beach town is well known for Crab Island, a sandbar near the harbor. With several water activities and vendors selling snacks and cold drinks, Crab Island is a popular day trip location. Other factors considered in the list included quality of life, as well as education and health. Many of Destin's beaches are fully accessible and can accommodate wheelchair access with ramps across the beach.

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