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Delgado Community College Offering a More Affordable College Education

13:38 April 29, 2020
By: Camryn Cohen

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Delgado Community College has made a number of adjustments in order to accommodate students. Delgado is offering a free tuition benefit for first-time students planning to start this summer, in addition to shorter academic terms, zero application fees, and in-state tuition for all online classes. These amendments were made to help families save money during this unprecedented time.

First-time students planning to take courses at Delgado are eligible to receive free tuition for three credit hours this summer. This benefit is for students who enroll in at least six credit hours for the summer session and at least 12 credit hours for the fall semester. Summer courses will be held online through video conferencing and chat features.

Every year, Delgado offers an eight-week-long summer session. This year, in addition to their summer session, Delgado is offering a two-week "Maymester," as well as two four-week summer "minimesters." Given these two new opportunities, students can earn up to 18 credit hours over a span of 10 weeks.

There is no application fee for students to apply to Delgado Community College, which has been the case for the last five years. And out-of-state residents will now pay the same tuition as Louisiana residents for online courses.

For more information on Delgado or to apply, go to dcc.edu.

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