Dee-1- Psalms of David

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré


Psalms of David

Independent When it comes to music with a mission, hip-hop artist Dee-1 has certainly lived up to that obligation. Also known as “The One-Man Army,” Dee-1 has typically created music with a more conscious palate. After stamping his print into the conscious and mainstream side of hip-hop, Dee-1’s latest album Psalms of David takes a more righteous approach. Not to be mistaken for a full-on religious album, Psalms of David contains themes of spirituality with religious tones of Christianity that relate bible verses to everyday life and values. His lyricism in the album is vocally real, political, and purposeful. Unlike many artists of today, Dee-1 uses Psalms of David as a platform to speak the truth. Working his way into the hiphop industry since 2004, Dee-1 has climbed up the ladder of success with songs like “Jay, 50, and Weezy,” which has gained worldwide recognition, from the NOLA Hip-Hop Awards to continuous play on MTV Jamz. The new album, featuring deep tracks such as “Only God Can Judge Me” and “The Garden of Eden,” is a melting pot of realist, opinionated, deeply brilliant lyrical words mashed together on top of dope tracks that effortlessly grasp the attention of his listeners. Dee-1 has recorded close to a dozen mixtapes, which include “The Focus Tape” hosted by major music producer and rapper Mannie Fresh. He has also made appearances on HBO’s Treme. This album is sure to open more doors for Dee-1. He is bound to receive the recognition he deserves; it’s only a matter of time for this lyrical genius. Just sit back and watch a star in the making.

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