Dee-1 Enters The Big Time at Republic

00:00 December 30, 2013

 A powerful positive force, New Orleanian from birth, an educated mind, alumni of Ben Franklin HS and Louisiana State University, Mr. Augustine started as a middle school teacher until his passion for rapping could no longer be suppressed.Add 8 years of perseverance and dedication to achieve his goals and you have today’s lyrical heavy hitter Dee-1 recently signed to RCA Records well on his way to the top of the charts recently touring with Hip Hop great Lupe Fiasco. Dee-1 stands out from your traditional Hip Hop artists who call New Orleans home for many reasons vividly illustrated in his latest release The Psalms of David II.  His music embodies his “Mission Vision” motto encouraging the birth of new positive ideas in the minds of our young Hip Hop culture, uplifting each other instead of glorifying drugs and violence. I had the pleasure to experience Dee-1’s first performance as an RCA artist at Republic New Orleans and was hypnotized by the energy he exuded from the stage.The realness of his lyrics take over your mind and are delivered with such strong emotions poured out in every word of righteousness proving that Dee-1 is an artist everyone needs to recognize.Dee-1’s song “Accountability Partner,” featuring the fellow New Orleanian songstress Alexis Jones of Arin and Alex and rapper Ambush, touched the soul of everyone in attendance and is the very essence of “Mission Vision” spreading the message of “Holding each other down instead of watching each other go down” as Alexis mesmerized us singing “What is it to gain the world and loose the one you love?” Dee-1’s relentless grind to master his craft is exhibited in his resilient fruits of labor and is a must see performer.After the concert, Where Y’at had the honor to talk to Dee-1 about his performance.

WYAT: During your performance you stated that that particular show was a big deal for you. Why was that show bigger than other shows you've done?

Dee-1: My life has changed.  This was my first performance since signing a major label record deal after 8 years of grinding. This was also the 1st time I got to perform and fully celebrate in my city since then. I am a different type of hip hop artist from anyone who's ever signed from New Orleans and it means a lot to have the city's support.

WYAT: How do you hype yourself before going on stage? Are you ever nervous?

Dee-1: I have a pep talk that I give myself to get hype before I walk on stage... And no, I never get nervous. This is my job. My dad doesn't get nervous before he goes to be a welder every morning, so neither should I.

WYAT: How much of your energy on stage is drawn from the crowd?

Dee-1: My energy is 85% from me and 15% from the crowd. The more engaged the crowd is, the better.

WYAT: What song(s) receives the most hype from the crowd during a performance? 

Dee-1: My new songs "Really Feel This" and "Its All Good" get great crowd reactions... And the response to my song "Jay, 50, and Weezy" is always classic.

WYAT: Name a venue that you think would be ideal for a concert. (What's your dream venue to perform in?)

Dee-1: I want to sell out the Superdome before it's all said and done.

By: Telle Ink

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