Daria & the Hip Drops

00:00 April 28, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

There's something very cool and unique about Daria & the Hip Drops. The style they carry in every crowd provoking performance is reflected in their latest album I Tried the Hip Drop & I Liked It. The title itself is a representation of the bands fun and funky nature. Their lead vocalist, Daria Dzurik, who is consistently compared to other female artist such as Lily Allen, Regina Spektor, and No Doubt's female lead and solo artist, Gwen Stefani, has her own voice when it comes to the latest album. While the comparisons are great compliments, Daria & the Hip Drops are a one of a kind team that has created their own diverse style that is fashioned with the funk-rock of New Orleans and the Caribbean influenced tones of the islands.

After recording Daria's first solo album Calliope in 2010, the band continued to grow under the name of the full band, Daria & the Hip Drops, consisting of teamwork between singer Daria Dzurik who is also the steel pianist and keyboardist, along with producer Graham Robinson, and a collaboration of other backing artists.

Categorized as indie pop, this album connects electro-synth samples with steel drums and bass like nothing ever heard before. Songs like "Lost Ur Mind" and "Battleship" bring something unusual to the very traditional NOLA music scene. Gaining exposure with I Tried the Hip Drop & I Liked It has been easy for the band. They can be seen performing their original songs in various locations from One Eyed Jacks to the 2014 French Quarter Festival.

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