Cymbals Eat Guitars at the House of Blues

11:17 September 26, 2016
By: Finn Turnbull

Just upstairs from the Pierce the Veil show in the main room, another, more intimate show took place in the Parish at House of Blues NOLA. A couple weeks into a tour to promote their fourth studio album Pretty Years, Cymbals Eat Guitars came to town with Wildhoney and Field Mouse. Cymbals Eat Guitars is an indie rock band that sounds like a mixture between Deerhunter, Pavement and Modest Mouse. Their success started in 2009 when Pitchfork Media shared their debut album with the world. Since then, they have released three more albums and changed their lineup, with the only original member being the lead singer and guitar player, Joseph D’Agostino. 

Wildhoney from Baltimore opened the night with a dreamy, but powerful set. The vocalist was slightly reminiscent of Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins. She complimented a great fusion of shoegaze and heavy alternative with her smooth tones. Field Mouse of Philly and Brooklyn followed with an upbeat pop-punk performance. 

At about 11:00pm, Cymbals Eat Guitars came out and destroyed their set. Each member had amazing energy and they executed with ease. They played many songs from their new album as well as a few old favorites. One thing that is to be said about Cymbals is that they love a cacophonous climax. Joseph’s boyish, frail vocals sooth the mind when he sings falsetto and pierce the cloud of sound when he projects. They ended the show with “Laramie” and then Joseph encored with a solo guitar version of “Child Bride” by request of an audience member.

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