(Images Provided by Steve Hatley)

Crystalizing Tipitina's with The Crystal Method

19:41 October 23, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

“I am The Crystal Method,” Scott Kirkland announced with great gusto. Ken Jordan, the Vegas band's other founding member, retired earlier this year. The resulting solo project is slimmer but still on target, from the early Vegas years to material on a forthcoming album. 

Locals Kidd Love and Unicorn Fukr took the helm as opening support and fit right in with the evening’s main event. The show this past Friday at Tipitina's was very reminiscent of 90s and 00s dance parties. Scott mixed an assortment of covers, ranging from The Doors to Underworld. He never gave the audience a “whole” song, but rather a continuous dance track, combining Method classics like “Trip Like I Do” with new material that managed to mix quite fluidly. The end product was a trip down memory lane and a nice glimpse into the future. It was nice to hear some New Order thrown into the mix as well.

There has always been a notion of “how many original members?” constitute keeping a band name. As there were only two to start with, the argument could be easily made either way. Scott has kept the spirit of the band alive—and thus it's not a real argument—but time will tell.

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