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Crescent City Classic and Ochsner Health to Put on a Women’s Wellness Challenge

15:00 November 20, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

A virtual challenge issued to women of Louisiana to promote both physical and mental health in a time when both are a rare commodity is a good challenge indeed. The Allstate Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic is a 10k race you may be familiar with, and it is all but impossible to have lived through recent times without having heard Ochsner's name mentioned multiple times. The two health-oriented organizations' joint effort to help women with staying fit will begin on December 1 and end on January 14. Participating women will be logging their miles on, and can participate in either a 30-mile one-person challenge goal or a 100-mile team challenge goal.

Ochsner will be providing health tips in a work-to-unlock format: Every five miles you run and log will net you health tips, as well as special deals and prices on Ochsner nutrition plans. The goal of this event is to help spotlight the importance of women's physical and mental well-being, as well as a broader goal of simply promoting activity in a time when many have been involuntarily and excessively sedentary. Dubbed the "Me-Time Challenge," this athletic undertaking will cost $35 per person to participate, and any proceeds will be donated directly to the Women's Wellness and Survivorship Center.

Any method of physical activity you may choose to accrue your miles is accepted, provided it is still exercise. Biking, swimming, walking, running, and so on are all valid methods of participation. While the event runs from the start of December to mid-January, the registration period ends on January 1. Those interested in registering should visit for more information and the necessary forms to fill out to take part.

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