Coyotes- Cosmic in the Badlands

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: 2Fik
Cosmic in the Badlands
[Courtesy of Coyotes]

Cosmic in the Badlands

After a tumultuous last several years, Coyotes have finally settled on a consistent lineup and soulful sound. Upon playing a number of shows around the country's Bible Belt, the persistent group has also caught momentum in the local music scene here in New Orleans for what they've describe as their "Americana-Beach-Folk." Cosmic in the Badlands is the first release for the current lineup, all of which seem more than committed to seeing this project through. Based in New Orleans, Coyotes have routes in Texas, the Midwest, Northwest and Los Angeles—giving their sound an unavoidably eclectic arrangement. Front man Duz Mancini's vocal style and songwriting suggests inspiration from country-folk stars such as M. Ward and more classic American-rock icons like Tom Petty, Roger McGuinn and Joe Walsh.
The albums single, "Burning Man," is filled with catchy, almost tribal-like harmonizing that bring to mind the soulful style of experimental-folk collective Akron/Family. Though this is the single, I have to accredit the album's definite standout to "Cosmic American Hotel." This country-folk song of late nights and hard times has a beautiful balance of Fleet Foxes-esque vocals and honky-tonk piano playing as a beautiful buildup into Ben Carsman's distinctive trumpet, which may be my favorite element incorporated throughout the album. Though they tell tales of heartbreak, long travels, and a regrettable amount of whiskey, the young Coyotes will bring a refreshing smile to its listeners upon their upcoming album release

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