Cowboy Mouth

00:00 July 28, 2014
By: Leith Tigges

Cowboy Mouth has been churning out hits ever since their start in the 1990's, a period that led to their rise to fame and continued success throughout many years. Time and time again, the band has generated well-crafted tunes, such as "Jenny Says" and "How Do You Tell Someone," that have radiated their distinct sound that the band describes as a mix between the Neville Brothers and the Clash. Now the dedicated group has just wrapped up another inspiring recording session that has resulted in the group's tenth studio album to date. The album kicks off in true rock n' roll style with the energetic title track "Go!" From that point on, the album continues with the quality the faithful Cowboy Mouth fans, who describe their favorite group as a religious experience, have expected for two and a half decades. The beautifully melodic vocal lines draw the listener instantly on the next track "Do You Wanna Do It Right Now" along with the happy go catchy "Song of Summer." The bands New Orleans roots are also showed off in tracks like "Mardi Gras By Moonlight" who's beginning beat radiates the Crescent City alongside the lyrics that are riddled with references to the bands home city. The eleven brand new all original tracks are capped off by the heartfelt acoustic tune "Watch the Water" that is decorated with delicate strings and compelling vocal work.-Chris DiBenedetto

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