Cortland Burke & Associated - Passport

00:00 January 13, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

 Not often will a person attach the genre of folk music to the city of New Orleans. Generally this city is recognized for its jazz, rhythm & blues, brass and funk music, but newcomer band Cortland Burke & the Associates are on a path that is changing the mold. After making the brave decision of parting from his band in 2012, lead singer Cortland Burke put on a new face and set out to create his latest album Passport. On his journey, Burke congregated a new band of musicians including drum player Chris “Ace" Arceneaux, Nick Vitter (keys/vocals), Chris Adkins (Guitar/ Mandolin) and Darren Phipps (Bass). Implementing the name Cortland Burke & the Associates, the 5 member band released Passport in July preceding an album release party at PubliQ House and a guest appearance on WWL-TV’s morning show. Passport shows a different side to NOLA’s music; it’s a fresh and original piece of work. This record has something of a unique, majestic quality with sensible lyrics and musical balance. Burke’s voice is a smooth combination of southern rock and alternative country. Paired together, Cortland Burke & the Associates produced a euphoric and easygoing sound that formulates the in sync tone of the album. Passport is a testimony of the ever evolving and expanding local music scene. With tracks like, “It Gets Late” and “This Plane,” the album is a masterful recipe of organic folk – rock, hardy yet emotionally in tune. It has an Americana feel with the musical passion and drive of the bands native town, New Orleans.

– Kimmie Tubre 

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