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Cookies for Pets and their People

15:30 March 31, 2015
By: Kim Ranjbar
[Where Y'At Staff/Provided Photo]
Nola Dog Boutique - Kim Ranjbar

As a distinguished, experienced canine with more than 50 (dog) years spent in the heavily-perfumed, scrap-rich city of New Orleans, I feel it my duty, nay my obligation, to share my knowledge of where to find the finest baked goods for myself, all of my four-legged friends and (naturally) my human. Though many fellow tail-waggers would bark that "all treats are equal," I think that we should offer a couple of specific locations of note to be found.

Now, we wouldn't want to forget our two-legged companions who excel at behind-the-ear scratching and long, afternoon walks and who deserve to be appreciated from time to time. One spot my human really loves is located all the way downtown in the Warehouse District in an area that smells distinctly like bacon called Cochon Butcher. Though the shop specializes in mouthwatering sandwiches and a deli case filled with house-cured meats, this little restaurant also features some creative cookies from time to time like the Rocky Road, a crisp loaded with chocolate, caramel and marshmallow. More recently my human tried their PB&J cookie that was as savory as it sounds, seeing as I managed to score a few crumbs she dropped on the floor while stuffing it into her face... ah animals, what do you expect?

Within walking distance of home, there's another bakery that my human frequents over on Maple Street in the Riverbend called, appropriately enough, Maple Street Patisserie. Though Kim has often brought home flaky, delicate pastries and breads from the patisserie before, just recently she discovered Chef Ziggy's signature treat which strangely enough (coming from a Czech baker) is the Chinese Almond Cookie. These large, crumbly, crunchy rounds yield the perfect amount of almond-rich sweetness making the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of strong tea... or so my human goes on about, seeing as I prefer lukewarm bowl water with my biscuits. She also showed a great deal of passion for his Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookie that rapidly disappears into a cloud of cocoa dust followed by an ice-cold glass of milk.

Cafe Freret is dog-friendly and very people-friendly, too. They have an extensive menu of classic sandwiches, breakfast items, and brunch items, alongside their A La Collar Menu of tasty dog treats like Snickerpooches and Molasses Almond Cookies. This internet cafe also shows movies once a week. A perfect night for doggy and you.

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