Concern Over Price Gouging Grows Amidst Corona Crisis
Mar 25 2020

Concern Over Price Gouging Grows Amidst Corona Crisis

By: Camryn Cohen

Many may be concerned that the illegal practice of price gouging might takeoff during the coronavirus crisis - but, price gouging has not proven to be problematic here in Louisiana. Price gouging means a sharp increase in prices during times of emergency. A spokesman for state Attorney general Jeff Landry's office said the office had received just over 100 complaints of price gouging since Governor John Bel Edwards declared a state public health emergency, but to his knowledge, none of them have been confirmed. Out of the 109 complaints received, 68 have been closed due to a lack of evidence. Among the remaining cases, 56 of them concerned general items like hand sanitizer and toilet point, 49 involved food and drink, and four were over gasoline prices. Although most law enforcement agencies in the New Orleans area have not received any reports of such gouging, they plan to take preventative measures like stopping by local stores. Anyone who suspects price gouging should reach out to local law enforcement in addition to filing a consumer dispute report on the state attorney general's website.

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